Sapphire is a boutique ocean club on a beautiful white sand beach with a swimming pool and all of the amenities that you would expect.  Service is excellent and the food and drinks are of the highest quality. Though Sapphire is an elegant beach club that caters primarily to adults, our children have always been welcome there.


Mantamar is a fun beach club with a chill vibe in the morning, slowly moving to a high energy atmosphere in the afternoon. Multiple pools and club and beach sitting options available. While this is predominantly a gay venue, it is completely straight friendly.


La Palapa is without a doubt Puerto Vallarta's finest beach restaurant to dine on the sand with five star service and quality cuisine. During the day they also offer a beach club with the same amazing service and menu options. While La Palapa does not have a private pool, it would hands soon have the best food and fancy drink options of any of the three beach clubs that we recommend.