A Message from the Owners:

We have a true passion for Mexico and in particular Puerto Vallarta as we live in Vallarta several months of the year.   We are New Zealand and USA citizens and our entire family are Mexican permanent residents.   Our children have only ever attended Spanish speaking schools full time since pre-school.   Our amazing staff - two of which have been with us from day one 22 years ago, deliver a truly authentic and quality experience to our guests. 

We acquired our first Vallarta property (Casa Ventana) in 1998 and a few years later we custom built Villa Ventana which is across the street. Throughout our multi-decade and ongoing Vallarta adventure, the health and safety of our guests and staff has always been our first priority. Because of the concerns presented to all travelers in light of the Covid-19 situation and our commitment to our guests and staff, we have developed our Peace of Mind Policy, and we will continue to have this policy in effect until the situation resolves itself. Our Peace of Mind Policy has two components: Book With Peace of Mind and Stay With Peace of Mind.

Our Peace of Mind Policy may not address all of your concerns and we invite you to direct any and all of your comments directly to us and we are open to discussing specific accommodations to meet your specific needs.

We very much hope we can welcome you to our sanctuary of peace and tranquility as we all move forward through challenging times.

-Ron & Fabian Eckstrom-French

Now guests can book with additional assurances geared at providing a heightened level of security and confidence to help protect their overall vacation investment should it not be possible to travel due to the Covid-19 situation. 

The following policy is now in place for all new bookings:


50% DEPOSIT: Due within 5 business days to confirm

50% BALANCE: Due 60 days prior to date of arrival, reservations less than 60 days prior  the full payment is due.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS:  A cancellation for any reason received 60 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date will receive a full refund less a 25% cancellation fee of funds received at that time.  A cancellation received less than 60 days prior to the date of arrival due to travel closures /restrictions specifically related to COVID-19 (see below Criteria), will receive a credit equivalent to the total funds received to be applied towards a future booking within 12 months of the original reservation dates: Rescheduling is based on availability, seasonal rates and booking requirements will apply and may vary from original reservation dates. If the applicable credit is less than the amount owing on the replacement reservation, guest will be responsible for paying the difference owing. If the applicable credit is more than the future rental amount owing for any reason, including but not limited to seasonal rates or occupancy rates, a refund will not be issued.

If the guest cancels less than 60 days prior to arrival for any reason other than COVID-19 related restrictions, such as personal reasons, medical reasons, weather, loss of employment, etc, all funds are non-refundable and a credit will not be applied.


  • No Airlines flying to Puerto Vallarta or from origin
  • US /Canadian Governments closes air travel to/from Puerto Vllarta
  • Mexican Government closes travel from US /Canada
  • Mexican Government closes travel within Mexico from State to State by air or driving 
  • We want to do all that we can so that our staff and guests feel safe, even during these complicated times.  Both our Vallarta homes - Villa Ventana and Casa Ventana - are uniquely positioned to provide our guests with an oasis in paradise, with a heightened level of comfort during the pandemic.  Both are massive in size and designed for indoor/outdoor living - so there is full and constant fresh air in all common spaces and the bedrooms.   Also both our properties are extremely private and self contained with private pools and expansive and unobstructed views - so you can feel great about staying in your home away from home and limiting your time in public.  As an added feature for our guests at Villa Ventana, we now have a large fully equipped commercial private gym.  And for those that need to stay connected or work, we have also recently completed additional upgrades to the internet in both houses to take advantage of the new and reliable fiber optic cables that were recently installed in our neighborhood.

    As for the specifics:

    (1) Hand sanitizer at all entry points and kitchens;

    (2) All persons must walk through a foot/shoe sanitizer before entering;

    (3) All persons entering the property have their temperature taken and logged;

    (4)   Strict protocol is for all staff to properly wear an N-95 (or similar) high quality respirator medical grade respirator face mask when they are working within the villa.  We have imported a large quantity of high quality KN-95 medical respirator masks for our staff and they are provided with a new one each morning;

    (5) When rooms are being cleaned, all doors and windows are open to maximize the movement of fresh air;

    (6) We are blocking out one full day between bookings to make sure there is adequate time for a comprehensive cleaning and sterilization;

    (7) We have implemented heightened cleaning protocols in compliance with CDC guidelines including spraying an aerosol medical sanitizer in all bedrooms after any guest checks out;

    (8) No staff member will be reporting to work if they or anyone they have come into contact with may have been exposed to Covid-19 or are exhibiting any sickness or temperature (and note staff will remain on full pay if they are ill).  

    (9) We have simplified our check in process so it is more automatic and there is less direct contact with fewer staff.

    We appreciate that some of our guests would like to work with us on a customized health and safety covid plan and we are happy to do that.  For example, we would be able to further reduce staff to minimize exposure.  We also recommend that arriving guests keep their masks on even after leaving the airport and during the short transfer to the property, and on arrival shower and change into clean clothes (likely bathing suits).

    It is Mid July now as we write this, and we have been in Vallarta with our children for 8 weeks, and have thoroughly enjoyed our stay so far and will be here for another 6 weeks or more.  We spend a lot of our time in our home, which has been lovely.  A couple times a week we go out to restaurants that are outdoors and where we feel fully complies with the heightened covid protocols that are in place in the state of Jalisco.   We also go to the beach a couple times each week - always to a private beach club near our home that also has a private pool - and again adheres to strict health and safety protocols.

    While no-one can guarantee a covid free experience, we feel that we have taken extreme measures to reduce the risk.

    Many thanks,

    Fabian & Ron Eckstrom-French