Our housekeeping team work Monday through Saturday from 9AM until early to mid afternoon.  In the morning when they arrive many of our guests are still sleeping so their focus is on cleaning common areas and laundry.  Once guests are having breakfast and starting their days they clean all the bedrooms, and then finish the day with guest laundry.   


We pride ourselves in presenting a dining experience of the highest standard.  Our professional chef, Eugenio, has over 35 years of culinary experience.  He is assisted by our chef assistant, Aurora, who has worked for us for 21 years.   Our Assistant Manager and Concierge, Yoshi, is a trained bartender and assists in the kitchen on most evenings.

Prior to arrival we work out the first evening dinner menu.  Unless there is a special event (wedding, anniversary, birthday party), we find that it is best to finalize the subsequent menus after arrival as they invariably change.   We have put together a comprehensive menu of popular menu items, but rest assured, our chef can prepare almost anything.

After arrival, and on a daily basis, Lette or Yoshi will discuss with the guests and finalize daily menus and will shop accordingly.   As breakfast is invariably informal, it is short order and guests order their favorite breakfast selection when they are up and ready.   Dinner (or lunch if that is the selected second meal), we serve this family style.

In the afternoons our staff is available to mix margaritas and serve drinks and appetizers.

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Our house manager, Lette, is a fully trained spa therapist with certifications in a wide range of spa therapies and treatments.  Lette completed spa therapy training (and several subsequent courses) in Puerto Vallarta and then went on to train at the Owners' five star spa in the Fiji Islands for an extended period of time.

In addition to Lette, we have a proven network of massage and beauty therapists ready to provide our guests with professional in villa treatments.  

Additional Services Available*

Airport transfers
Car rental
Fresh groceries
Restaurant concierge
Spa services
Equipment rental
Family gear

*These services incur an additional fee.